Manufacturer of the finest quality
gymnastic carpets.
A tradition since 2009.



We are suppliers, not re-sellers. We are pleased to give you free delivery as a bonus to your order.


Our prices are lower than from our competitors. The reason is simple, we are the producers and you do not pay the middle man, you buy straight from the producer.

We appreciate our customers and we want the best for you, that is why we offer free transport.

We cooperate with a reliable transport company. They deliver the goods to the agreed destination. At the moment we deliver 2x a month to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium and Netherlands.

How does it work? We will together set a date of delivery, our driver will contact you in advance and specify the exact details of handover. Later he will arrive and deliver the goods for you.

You can pay the whole amount to the driver by your debit or credit card.


We have been producing gymnastic carpets since 2009 and up to now there haven’t been any complaints about the quality.


We guarantee the quality of our products. New customers come because of good references from our current customers. Our first gymnastic carpets are still in gyms, and athletes train on them. They serve well and there is no reason to change them. The connection of the foam and carpet is firm, seems to last forever.

We can send you a sample or our product, for your testing, and you can make your own opinion if you like it or not.


You can pay by your credit or debit card at the delivery.


It is possible to pay smaller orders by card at the delivery. When making a bigger order or ordering non-standard colours, we require 50% deposit in advance and the rest at the delivery.


We will send you a free sample of our gymnastic carpet and a sample of the hook and loop fastener in a cardboard box.


The size of gymnastic carpets’ samples is 15×15 cm and the thickness is 3,5 cm. Samples are packed in cardboard boxes. We add a piece of the hook and loop fastener for your reference.

Samples are send out by Czech post.


We use our own technology, which is continuously improved.


We have invented our own technology, our own processes for connecting individual layers of the gymnastic carpets. Bonding, layering or lamination is very important while producing gymnastic carpet. Our bonds do not contain any formaldehyde. When the bonds are not firm, and two sides part, the value of the carpet is lost and it’s time to buy a new one. With our products we tried to part the two layers but we have not succeeded, you will tear the carpet in pieces but the bonds are firm. Our first products have been used for over 10 years and the bonds are still holding together. The bonds are long-lasting and solid.


We can organize the assembly of gymnastic carpets.


We cooperate with a company, that has a lot of experience with the assembly of the gymnastic carpets.

We can arrange their services. We are experienced in placing the gymnastic carpets in standard gyms as well as non-standard premises, where there are columns and other obstacles.


The core is made from cross-linked polyethylene foam.
The top layer is polypropylene carpet.
All layers are properly laminated and well bonded.


The standard colour of the carpet is blue.
If you wish, you may choose from a range of different colours. The standard colour of the foam is grey.
If you wish, you may choose
a different colour, conditions to be negotiated.


We are a family run business. We have been producing gymnastic carpets since 2009.
Originally, we started with upholstered sport equipment such as mats, tatami
mats, gym equipment, wall and pole protection. But, today this is only a small part of
our business.

Nowadays, we specialize in producing gymnastic carpets. We have spent many years
trying and testing new technologies, optimizing and streamlining our work processes,
and carefully vetting and selecting the best quality materials and suppliers. This
ensures that we manufacture only the highest quality gymnastic carpets.
Up until recently we were mainly local market orientated.
Now, as we have reached
the quality we had been aiming for, we are ready to expand into all EU countries.

Radek Šmíra & Co.


I have been cooperating with Mr. Smira since 2005. I have seen the evolution of
gymnastic carpets right from the beginning; not only gymnastic carpets, but also other
products e.g. different types of mats, landing mats, landing pits, wall and pole

Mr. Smira really makes an effort to produce the finest quality products. I
use these products for my athletes and my customers and I am very satisfied with

I have also tried other brands, but I have chosen this company mainly due to the
quality of products, the individual approach to customers and the willingness to
accommodate client’s wishes.

It is without hesitation that I recommend GYMCARPET.COM to you.

Mgr. Vilém Kocián

artistic gymnastics coach and international referee.